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Evolve Your Skins!

The LOWEST commission jackpot site!

Mechanics are simple: More you contribute into the pool, Higher the chances you win the entire pool!

- Login through Steam and connect your steam URL through Settings
- Deposite your Items!
- The system calculates value for items that you deposited (valued by csgo.steamanalyst.com), for every dollar you get 100 points.
- When the pot reaches 50 items or 90 seconds, the raffle begins. The bigger contribution percentage to the pool, the higher is your chance to win.
- The jackpot winner will receive the Winnings via a steam-offer. (this can take some time depending on Steam Server-Status).

Requirements to join:

-There's a 10 item limit per trade offer. Minimum of $0.5 value.

Note That:

- Your first deposit gives you a +5% win chance.
- By adding "CSGABEN.COM" to your steam name and re-logging the site, you get -5% on your commission!

Current Promotions:

1. Add CSGABEN.COM to your nickname and get -5% less commission.
For more: Join our steamgroup and be the first person to be informed about news.

Why did I not receive all the skins in the pool?

- The site takes 10% commission (5% with CSGABEN.COM) for upkeep, advertising, give-aways and site development.

How long does it take for my winnings?

- Within a minute. The bot will automatically send the winner their Jackpot winnings!

Your Privacy:

- Logging in with Steam will never provide us with any information. Our Jackpot logs will NEVER be shared or sold.

Questions and Inquires can be sent to: support@csgaben.com

Deposit today and try your luck! Evolve Your Skins!

Terms of Service

License of usage:

By using our service or being on our Site, you acknowledge and accept our terms and conditions in full and without reservation. You are bound to our terms as long as you are affiliating yourself with any aspects of Csgaben. Any conflicts with our terms and conditions and parts of it is NOT allowed to affiliate themselves any further without discussion. Those who are under affiliation with Valve corporation, Steam or external Jackpot Sites are prohibited to affiliate themselves with this Csgaben/service and/or their owners.

You must the age of 18+ (21+ in some places) or older to use our Csgaben. By using this Csgaben you agree to these terms and conditions, you warrant that you are at least 18/21 years of age. Csgaben.com has the right to request identification of age to prevent under-aged gambling while temporarily disabiling your account.


The use of our service is provided "AS IS" or "AS AVAILABLE". No guarantees are provided for ANY activity done on this site.
We reserve the rights to have anything on Csgaben or affiliated changed, whenever, without consent.

License of service usage:

Csgaben and/or its owners own the intellectual property rights and originality that is published on Csgaben (in any form). Subject to the license below, all these intellectual property rights are reserved.


The account you authorize with us through Steam (https://steamcommunity.com) must be your own. Your privacy is kept 100% secure and will never be distributed externally.

Fair Play

We respect fair play. A MAXIMUM of 5% will be taken from jackpot winners with "csgaben.com" and up to 10% without for further Csgaben development, give-aways and upkeep. All users on this Csgaben are expected to be "legit" users of the community as we hold the right to freeze your account without warning if suspicion is raised.

Missing Items

If you are missing any items deposited or returned from csgaben.com, you have 30 days to claim your items through a support ticket. You will be notified after 30 days. Items will not be returned if put into the jackpot and lost. All jackpot betting are FINAL.


Csgaben items are valued from SteamAnalyst's database backed up with the Steam Market. Prices are subjected to change any time without notice.
All deposits are final after the user confirms them on the Csgaben, there will be no refunds, since the user agrees to enter the jackpot. Agrees he is liable to losing his skins to another user and agrees Csgaben is not liable for losses of any kind.

Responsible Gambling:

We do not hold responsibility for any losses. Bet responsibly, know your limits. All bets are final as you have agreed to the ToS by being on this site.

Skin Deposits:

Csgaben.com only allows items from game “Counter Strike: Global Offensive” (non-affiliated). These skins MUST be your own.Items from different games will be declined.


Csgaben.com may revise these terms and conditions at all time. Revised terms and conditions will apply to the use of this Csgaben from the date of the publication of the revised terms and conditions on this Csgaben. Please check this page regularly to ensure you are familiar with the current version.

Termination of Account:

Any violation of service will have your account terminated/frozen with any virtual assets on it.

Third-Party Links:

The third-party links that are shown outside csgaben.com is not our responsibility. We are unaffiliated unless mentioned. That includes the content, privacy, or practices of external parties.


By BEING on the site, you agree to defend Csgaben and any staff affiliated against all and any claims, losses, obligations, costs and expenses arisen from breaking any section of our terms or any claim that you have broken any section of our terms.


We are NOT in any way, shape or form affiliated with Valve corporation, Steam, Any Counter-Strike franchise, other Jackpot sites or any other trademark of the Valve/Steam corporation.

Law and jurisdiction:

Our terms of service will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Portugal, and any disputes relating to these terms and conditions will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Portugal.